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The powers that be in teir Ivory tower in George St are at it again.

I caught them at it last time in 2013. They must think the electorate is either stupid or amnesiac. Here on the Bay Islands we are a stupendous 5 Km from the mainland. That is 5,000 meters OK?

It seems that government meters are different from the ones we use.

We should have always have been in zone 8 from day 1.That is the zone that Weinam creek is in, Victoria point.

We all know this, but to be sure, especially for newcomers to the Islands, I did a journey from Macleay to Redland Bay. Yep, there it is, a six zone journey! Seems we are in Zone 12. That is the same zone as Helensvale!


Here are some facts. I first approached the 'powers that be' years ago, Peter Dowling, Mark Edwards and Karen Williams. I was not getting on my 'high horse' at that time. It was when people were parking in there illegally and breaking in past the gates. That was long ago. Parking was bad back then, but was not yet catastrophic. Some of you may remember that.
I got all the usual platitudes - 'Yes, it is important, I'll look into it, etc,etc.'
Only when I cane back from hospital in a wheelchair did I properly realise that this was an urgent situation. Shame on me, I know. But that is human nature, not to notice something until your nose is rubbed in it.

Mark Edwards told me it was an operational matter (I also asked if parks in the secure park could be made available for mobility scooters - again an 'operations' matter),I was later told it was State land. Approval had been given, though. Still nothing happened. I received a rather curt letter from Mark Edwards, saying it was Translink's responsibility and I should contact them. No contact details or name were given. So how did he know? I thought it was my council rep to at least offer to help, give me a contact, anything. I still have the email.

A recent Bayside Bulletin article was incorrect in stating there were about 58 spots to be made.
Not quite accurate. And, as usual, I can prove it. I may not be totally accurate, but I used Council's own Red e Map, and used the images of existing cars, made provision for smaller cars and motorcycles.
I got 211 extra spots. Count 'em.
I also put in the tracks (in Yellow) that could be taken as well as a second entrance.

An islander took some photos which make even 58 spots look questionable.

The Council giveth, The Council Taketh. Praised be the name of the council..

But wait, there’s more! They have changes the playing field. All the zones are changing in the great name of “efficiency”.

Now we will be in Zone 5, which is exactly the same thing, but with a different name, is all.

To be fair our local State Member Matt McEachan, hasstarted a challange entitled

Join the fight for a fair go!



Now I appreciate the gesture, but, frankly am a little dubious about any possible success. After all, it was the LNP Newman government who introduced this discriminatory system in the first place. Naturally I wish him the best of luck, but he’ll be up against some long term LNP heavyweights, who are unlikely to just say ‘Whoops, terribly sorry, we stuffed up”

Exerpt from Bay Island News Group

Beach Meeting.

As you may have seen there are plans afoot for a public meeting with regard to the Translink Zoning. Unfair, Discriminatory are some words used. Both  Andrew Laming and Kim Richards have indicated their willingness to participate. All other candidates have been invited as well as Matt McEachan.. Cr Mark Edwards is not on Facebook and therefore unavailable to this forum. I shall send him an email out of courtesy.
Kim Richards has kindly offered to do the printing, I thank her for the offer, however Andrew Laming has access to government funding.
I am preparing a tri fold flyer, the most efficient use of paper , printing and delivery costs.
Please give me your input requirements, as soon as possible. If it rains, demending on the date, the Progress hall may be available. We wil have to check ob a date and tides. It was suggested to hold it on the beach close to the barge ramp. BYO Chair. Media will be invited.
An Initiative of Concerned Islanders, Ann Hagen and Bay Island News Group.



It is finally going to happen! CCTV cameras are going to be installed not only at weinam Creek, but also on all four of the Islands.

Although there is no word of when this miracle will actually happen (Ill ask) nor where they will be physically situated either.

Another item was missing from press reports, rather sensitive, admittedly. That is, what coverage will they have and what provision i there against vandalism? We have all seen the spy movies where the baddies spray the poor unsuspecting camera ith paint, havent we? mounted high up is, of course an option. But I have already thought of a way to beat that, but I’m not saying, just in case.

While obviously welcome (gifthorse’s mouths, notwithstanding) why has it taken so damn long? Travis Place put forward a proposal ages ago (no joy) and it was only $5,000 for one installation!
And again, being cynical, Some have questioned Andrew Laming’s involvement on social media.Well it was a federal iniative and that is  Andrew Laming, balliwack, so he does have some measure of responsibility,

Now Col McInnes is a great guy, but I wonder how much (if anything) the chamber had to stump up?

For more of this story have a read of Judith Kerr’s article o the redlandcitybulletin, credit where credit is due to the bully



And it’s about time too!


Monday, 27 June 2016

06:03 PM10


Click HERE to see the proof!

(What a stupid phrase - did somebody drop it from a great height?)



1. Our State Representative Matt McEachan, give an excellent speech in Parliament, with regard to asbestos, it has been reported to me. I have seen the video, but no matter what tricks I try, I can’t download it. Nor can it even be viewed in Chrome, you will need Internet explorer, and then you have to get a plug in for Windows Media player. All of which is why I avoid anything to do with Microsoft Internet explorer..  Still click HERE for the link to Matt’s speech from the parliament house website (good luck), and click HERE for a pop up window of his speech.

 2. The asbestos problem will soon be behind us, or rather under us. I received a call tonight from Gayle Nemeth confirming that at progress association's Saturday meeting,  Mark Edwards had personally advised that the entombment will take place to the medium high water mark.

Mark was also good enough to publicly recognise the good works done by Nemeth and Hackett on Islander’s behalf on this most important public health, not to mention parking and boat ramp issue. Personally, I reckon that while Gayle may occasionally ruffle a few feathers, Gayle and Lindsay are very much unsung heroes (we rarely hear of the vast amounts of research from Lindsay, for example - Gayle, on the other hand has the infamous ‘bullhorn’)

Gayle Nemeth and Lindsay Hackett (have a look at the letter sent by Lindsay to the Premier HERE , A most enlightening document. It wasn’t all pollies who got things done. Lindsay Hackett deserves some credit), have been the driving force behind the asbestos problem, to the point where I was driven to drink (kidding) but driven to walk the mosquito ridden mangroves years ago to personally witness the extent of the issue. I’ll see if I can find some pictures.

Not as good as the Lowest astronomical tide, but there is provision for the new boat ramp to be extended to this mark.

Speaking of Marks, credit where credit is due. Mark Edwards was to a large extent responsible in getting this mess sorted on the Council side of things..


Mark? or Matt?

Matt? or Mark?







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