Welcome to the Bay Island News.version 2 coming soon

Just like the photo of the jetty to the right,sadly Bay Island News,the paper version, is no more.


t took three tries, but the final one, along with contracting multiple sclerosis,finally sank me, like the jetty.

Ironically I covered a fundraiser for MS. the picturs are hereMS Fundraiser . but that’s all I Have left. Sorry.

If I can get away with it and not get sued, I’l tell the truth of the people whjo stole my ideas,cuistomers and eventually the paper itself.

For the time being, the format  is online only. email is

editor “at” bayislandnews.com.au-

The Bay Island News is a local publication which caters to Bay Island communities. The Southern Moreton Bay Islands are comprise of Macleay, Russell, Lamb and Karragarra Islands.  We also reach Redland Bay, Cleveland and Victoria Point,

We focus on community events and people, endeavoring to provide a fair, balanced and even handed reporting of local events.

Our paper isno longer free, but costs the huge sum of $1. This small charge has allowed us to double the number of articles, community announcements and news..Oh, and while we were at it, we halved the cost of advertising, quite often giving it away. Now THAT should help island businesses. WE DO NOT CHARGE GST. We don’t want to make that much.

Bay island news is available at selected stores, shops and retailers.




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MARCH 2016